Our Story

Everyone should be able to manage sensitive skin


But... One Tub of Derma Cream
Can cost hundreds of Ringgit

With 4 in 10 Malaysians
experiencing Sensitive Skin...

Should the average malaysian
Have to spend 5-10% of their monthly income

just to stop their skin from
Peeling, drying out and being itchy?

The Cost Would Be More If
They Have Kids With Sensitive Skin Too

This is Our Story

Koolit = Kulit

Bringing Premium Dermacare To all

Koolit started from a team moved by the need for an effective, premium ingredient yet affordable sensitive dermacare for our fellow Malaysians.

We saw that not every Malaysian can afford (and sustain) using high-end Premium products for everyday use, hence they succumb to mass made products which Often contain harsh chemicals.

With this, Koolit found it's mission to provide safe, Research-based Premium ingredient solutions sustainable to the pockets of our families.



Safe for all skin types, Old & Young!

Launched March 2020

The brand was born with a Powerful Yet Gentle Wash, Cream and Lotion made for soothing Redness, Dryness and Peeling Itchy Skin. Koolit Found Joy In the high Efficacy And User Testimonials that came back

What Keeps us Going are the Real Stories Of Improved Skin Conditions And Break The Perception That Local Products Are Inferior To Overseas Brands.

Koolit Strives to continue Giving A Premium Powerful Yet Gentle Solution For The Family

Now Everyone Can Effectively
Soothe and Manage Sensitive skin

One Of Koolit's Early Users
Photo Credit: IG @fiza_aizzawa

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Would Recommend Koolit Sensitive Dermacare to Family and Friends with Dry & Sensitive Skin
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Feel a physical difference of a faster & deeper absorption upon application of Koolit Cream & Lotion
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Agree Koolit’s ingredients are naturally effective in soothing dry, itchy and sensitive skin
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Choose Koolit for it's Natural Effectiveness and Trusted Ingredients
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Agree Koolit is Perfect for Tropical Weather. Non-sticky non-oily after use

The Journey Continues
In Fighting Dryness, Itchiness & redness

Giving only the best Koolit to your Kulit