What Keeps Us Going Are The Real Stories Of Improved Skin Conditions And Break The Perception That Local Products Are Inferior To Overseas Brands.

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Shu Ling, L

At first, I tried the calming cream on my baby whose eczema flare up is quite bad & it soothed the redness the next day. My son's skin became so much better after a week plus of using the cream. Really thankful!

I used it together with steroid cream which can be drying to the skin, so the Koolit Calming Cream helps to remoisturise the skin after. The main reason I find the cream good is because of the absorption. It does not sit on the skin or become oily unlike many other creams, but absorbs well so it does not become sticky in our hot weather. I was also surprised that it's affordable for such good ingredients.

Personally, I use the cream more than 2 times a day just to keep my baby's skin moisturised. The rashes comes back every now and then but it's way better than before. It's much more controllable with the Cream

• Left photo taken 8 December 2020
• Right Photo taken 16 December 2020

• Photo Taken April 2021

Lee, S

I struggle with sensitive skin peeling and cracks on my hands. The condition becomes worse when I do housework and since MCO when we all start using sanitizers. My skin dried out and started to peel badly and got very rough. I felt quite ashamed whenever people start looking at my hands.
Koolit Calming Cream helped soothe the sensitivity. Because the condition was very bad, I had to use steroid medication to improve the skin at first, but I find the absorption and natural vitamin E in Koolit to be helpful for soothing the crusty and hardened areas of the skin. It also helps reduce dryness on other areas of my body like my neck, back and thigh. I felt difference in my skin softness the next day but would recommend to use consistently for about a week or more to see the significant improvements

Condition of Peeling and Skin Crack

Skin condition after Using Koolit together with Steroid Cream


[Translated] My son skin gets very sensitive and his skin condition gets very red and even raw when at it’s worst. Koolit was recommended to me by my friend who also experiences sensitive skin. She passed me a lotion, cream and wash to try on my son and it became like a savior!

Out of the three, I found the Gentle Body Wash to work the best for my son. It cleans thoroughly and is so gentle on the skin. I will follow through with a mixture of creams, including Koolit Calming Cream and I could see the skin get much better over time.
Since I started using Koolit, my son's skin has improved very much. It does not get raw and dry like before, and the wounds have closed and are healing. The outer layer of skin is better and not so delicate like before.

I hope to share my testimonial so that anyone who experiences the same struggles can manage better and would encourage those with sensitive skin to try Koolit, especially the Gentle Body Wash.

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Living with Sensitive Skin

by Raihan Rahman

My skin is very reactive to products, the environment and temperature. If I were to use the wrong soap of wash, my skin would feel very itchy and there would be cracks on my skin. Hot showers are completely off limits. If the temperature is off just by one degree, my skin becomes excessively dry after and I will need an intense cream to calm the flakiness and dryness. Any regular cream would be useless. The types of fabric I use can also affect my skin. I use cotton most of the time to be safe.

There are times where I've scratched myself while asleep, only to wake up and see scarring on my skin in the morning which meant that I even bled at night. The worst part is that I cant stop the scratching because I don't notice myself doing it while sleeping. I tend to use more long sleeves that help cover up the marks but I'm well aware they're there.

For my sister, stress affects her skin badly. As soon as she feels anxious or stressed out, her skin would flare up, becoming red, very dry and itchy. This continues till she copes with the stress.

How does Koolit Help Your Skin?

I use the Koolit Calming Cream after showering to moisturise and soothe me skin daily. I will also use it before I sleep to prevent myself from scratching the dryness. The cream helps by intensely moisturising my skin and it reduces the appearance of scarring most likely because of the licorice root extract.

If my skin starts to feel dry during the day, I will use the soothing lotion. There is an almost instant relief for the tightness as it soothes the itch. Koolit is not heavy on the skin. Normally I don't like the feeling of having a cream or moisturiser on my skin when using other products but for Koolit, the feeling is so light that you don't feel it as if the product is blocking the skin. Also, it's not oily at all!

My sister uses the Calming Cream for her flare ups when she's stressed. It deeply moisturises and manages the irritation. She finds the absorption of the cream to be much better as compared to many other products in the market which feels as if they only moisturise the surface of the skin. She's so surprised that it actually works after years of trying numerous other product recommendations. I would recommend everyone to try it even if you don't have sensitive skin because it's a genuinely good product. Personally I especially like that its fragrance free.

Janine, G

I was unsure about Koolit because many creams don't actually relief itch, but I tried the Cooling Moisturiser on my allergies which started after playing with my dog.

It worked faster than antihistamine. In literally two minutes the itch was gone! The effects stopped the itchiness.

Now whenever I have allergies or even mosquito bites, I use the moisturiser and it stops me from scratching.

15 May Night

16 May Morning

Syazana Zahidah

Kulit ekzema jari saya dan kulit baby I kerap kemerah-merahan. Selepas menggunakan pelbagai jenis produk yang kurang berkesan, saya mencuba Soothing Lotion setelah disyorkan kawan. Jari saya yang kerap mengeluppas menjadi semakin baik sementara kulit baby saya lembap dan tidak tagi garu.

8 February 2021

21 February 2021

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Fiza Aizzawa

Fiza telah gunakan set Koolit ini untuk anak Fiza yang kerap alami masalah ruam dan gatal akibat berpeluh. Apa yang Fiza temui, selepas mandikan Huwainaa (anak Fiza) dengan Gentle Body Wash, lap kering dan kemudianya sapu dengan Calming Cream, keesokkannya luka jadi kering.

Krimnya yang cepat meresap buat anak tak rimas dan tak rasa seperti disapu dengan krim. Lagi satu aktiviti mengaru-garu belakang leher pun Fiza perhatikan tiada. Fiza gunakan Koolit pada anak secara konsisten setiap hari selepas mandi. Hasil dia memang terbaik. Luka hilang dan kulit belakang leher yang selalunya kesat akibat ruam jadi licin dan lembut.

Bagi pendapat Fiza, pengunaan losyen sahaja hanya dapat mengatasi masalah kulit kering untuk waktu yang singkat. Sebab itu, perlu adanya set lengkap bermula dengan mandi, diikuti calming cream dan kemudiannya losyen.

Untuk anak Fiza yang kerap menghadapi kulit sensitif terhadap peluh, bila pakai Koolit, masalah selesai. Sebelum ini memang kesian tengok anak menggaru sampai luka kerana terlalu gatal.

Setelah hampir 4 minggu mencuba, kesannya tidak mengecewakan malah Fiza dapat rasakan inilah skincare terbaik buat kami sekeluarga

Sama juga di tangan, memang ruam gatal macam selalu ada kat anak Fiza. Dulu anak sulung pun macam tu. Sekarang kedua pun sama. Tapi bila mandi dan sapu Koolit, memang nampak ruam tersebut berkurangan dan beransur kurang.

Fiza memang mengesyorkan setiap rumak wajib ada Koolit. Kandungan bahan semulajadi dan selamat dalam Koolit benar-benar membantu pungguna untuk mendapatkan kulit yang sihat. Koolit merupakan produk penjagaan untuk kulit kering dan sensitif yang selamat, berkesan dan terbukti.


My skin gets super itchy whenever the dryness starts. When I scratch it, it gets flakey and the dryness can be seen when scratched.

I started using the Calming Cream, Soothing Lotion and Cooling Body Moisturiser inter-changably. It cooled and distracted me from the itchiness. After some uses, my skin started to look healthier. The Dryness reduced and the flakey skin became soft. The itchiness also stopped once the dryness reduced.

I used the products daily after showering and when at work. Would definitely recommend for people with sensitive skin especially for the light texture.


I never realised how good the absorption of Koolit was until it helped restore my skin. My feet often crack and peel from skin dryness, especially when I sleep using the aircond and as a swimmer, chlorine dries out my skin after each swim.
I hated using lotions before this because it always stuck to my clothes and left my skin feeling tacky after, but found the texture of the Soothing Lotion so spreadable and light! It did not feel greasy stuck on my skin, but absorbed immediately. I use it now after showering and my skin has improved a lot. My feet have also stopped peeling after using the Calming Cream. I can't imagine using sticky creams again trying Koolit

19 August 2020

28 August 2020

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Putting aside race, religioin and political views, our focus is to encourage Malaysians try Koolit’s powerful yet gentle local premium dermacare in the market at least once.

Many still do not know of Koolit while those who do are surprised at its efficacy, ingredients and say “Wow! Local product ke ?!” It’s the most suitable formulation for sensitive skin in hot and humid weather with high sealing power to soothe dryness, redness and itchiness. Malaysians will never need another dermacare again !

Koolit is available at Watsons and at your nearest pharmacy.

National Cancer Society Malaysia

Malaysians with Sensitive Skin

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Reason for choosing these groups are due to the need for the product such as skin dryness, peeling and redness which Koolit is able to practically restore. Your picture has a purpose!

Campaign period: 1 April – 16 June 2021