Cool Itch Away!

Intense care and protection especially for itchy skin. From cleansing, to moisturising, Koolit Cooling Range leaves your skin refreshed and instantly reduces the urge to scrach itchy skin. The icy feel is soothing and comforting especially on a hot day!

This bundle consist of:
1x Koolit Cooling Body Wash
1x Koolit Cooling Body Moisturiser
1x Koolit Cooling Facial Cleanser
1x Koolit Cooling Facial Moisturiser

  • Cools in 10 Seconds
  • Stop Itch in 2 Minutes
  • Rapid Absorption
  • 5x Skin Mimic Ceramides in 3:1:1 Ratio
  • 2x Irritation Relief Power: Menthol & Licorice Root Extract
Weight 0.6 kg


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