Sensitive Starter Kit

Intense care and protection for restoring the health of sensitive skin. From cleansing, to moisturising, Koolit dermacare leaves your skin instantly soft, with high sealing power on damaged skin. Say goodbye to peeling, cracks and redness and hello to healthy and radiant skin from face to toe. It’s the perfect gift set for anyone with sensitive skin! Send this bundle to a loved one!

This bundle consist of:

1x Koolit Soothing Lotion 40ml
1x Koolit Gentle Body Wash 50ml

Koolit is a natural and soothing dermacare solution for managing sensitive skin skin without any harsh chemical peels. It is a fast absorbing formulation, enriched with licorice root extract which has been scientifically proven to be high in antioxidant, anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, leaves your skin soft, healthy glow with a soothing touch!

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rapid Absorption
  • 40x Higher Antioxidant
  • Gentle on Baby
  • Enriched with Licorice Root Extract & Natural Vit E
  • Halal Certified
Weight 0.5 kg


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